“A Christian animist on God in nature” Mark I. Wallace calls himself a “Christian animist,” a term many will find heretical. For centuries Christianity has suppressed belief systems that acknowledge animals, rivers and mountains have living spirits. . Broadview Magazine, June 2020.

Pipeline activists on standing in oil’s way” Four anarchist Catholics face possible jail time for breaking into an Enbridge valve site, attempting to shut off the oil, and hanging crucifixes, rosaries, Buddhist prayer flags and tobacco ties on the pipes. – Broadview Magazine, May 2020.

Clayton Thomas-Müller on using his voice” Across this continent, tar sands mines, coal mines, hydroelectric dams, and dumping grounds for toxic waste are built next to Indigenous communities. – Broadview Magazine, April 2020.

Sheila Watt-Cloutier on the disappearing Arctic” Through so much upheaval, Inuit haven’t lost their spiritual connection to the land, says Inuk environmental advocate. – Broadview Magazine, January 2020.

Diana Beresford-Kroeger bridges gap between science and spirituality” The botanist is working to protect the world’s vanishing forests. – Broadview Magazine, December 2019.

Stephen Blackmer on the earth’s coming crucifixion” The Conservationist-turned-priest believes we need to live as if the world were sacred. – Broadview Magazine, November 2019.

Laurel Dykstra’s faith fuels a fight for the climate” The Anglican priest, who did jail time for blocking a pipeline, describes their work as “a spiritual response to ecological grief.” – Broadview Magazine, October 2019.