The next pipeline battle” In Manitoba, an issue that’s been underground for half a century is coming to the surface. – The Walrus, July/August 2018

Invisible survivors” Students who boarded at the Teulon Residence were separated from their families and endured the same cultural whitewashing other residential school survivors experienced. Why should they be denied compensation? – United Church Observer, May 2018

The new masculinity” Despite huge strides, gender equality remains elusive. Two recent books urge men to redefine themselves. – United Church Observer, September 2017

Cheap Seats” 39 hours on the Greyhound – with a toddler. – Eighteen Bridges, Spring/Summer 2017

Mennonite Pride” At a time when our culture is fractured along ideological lines, what can Mennonites teach us about how to disagree? – The Walrus, November 2016

Shunning the technology gods”  Scripture guided their forbears to reject electricity and cars, but these modern Mennonites spurn our tech-obsessed culture for other reasons. – The Ottawa Citizen, April 2016

Hell and High Water” On the shifting shorelines of Bangladesh, tens of millions teeter on the brink of a climate disaster. – United Church Observer, April 2016

Revolutionary Words” Witnessing the Arab Spring in Cairo inspired Karim Alrawi’s debut novel. – Quill & Quire, November 2015

Sucked Dry” A First Nation suffers so Winnipeg can have water. – The Walrus, March 2015

Preparing for a beautiful end” A Canadian couple turns the stereotype of doomsday preppers on its head, and looks for the beauty in armageddon. – Geez, Winter 2014, reprinted in Utne Reader, Fall 2015.

A coup in Burkina Faso” None of us imagined the strongman could be toppled without blood. – The Globe & Mail, November 2014

A Quiet Slaughter” On the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, a Hutu from Burundi shares his story of surviving President Paul Kagame’s alleged secret war of vengeance. – Hazlitt,  April 2014

The Way We Give” In Burkina Faso, generosity can’t always bridge cultural and economic divides. – The Walrus, December 2013

The Revolutionary” A short comic about Burkina Faso’s revolutionary president, Thomas Sankara.

Living with the enemy” A musician and a broadcaster come to grips with depression. – The Vancouver Sun, April 2013

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Do we need the cops?” A few bad apples or a rotten barrel? – Geez, Spring 2011

I took my wife’s last name” She said it made her feel loved. My mother was upset. – The Globe and Mail, July 2009